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I've learned a lot about Asp.Net Core RC2, Kestrel and ports as I failed in various attempts to get a http to https redirect. I share this as a retrospective for myself and in hopes of helping you avoid the swamp and to stay on the narrow road.


Host Asp.Net with Kestrel without IIS for an internal app. I'd like to hit the machine at http://machine-name/ and get redirected to a login at https://machine-name without ports.

If they hit http(s)://machine-name/index.html without an authentication cookie, it must redirect them to https://machine-name to login.

Note: The official recommendation is to use IIS or nginx, but I want to avoid installing it on these machines and this will be internal network access. In the past I've relied on IIS and "defaults on http and https being 80 and 443 and hidden port magic" as Ben Adams on the #kestrel channel put it. Therein pointing out another abstraction Microsoft has helped me out with for many years and something I need to learn more about.

See more of my journey and some code.

Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 4:25 PM ASP.Net , Build Tools , DevOps , Asp.Net Core | Back to top

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