April 2014 Entries

Sql Server: Select Count(*) throws the error: Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int
Try using count_big(*) instead-- this is defined as bigint instead of int.In this example, I am looking for how many 100s of millions of rows exist by product type where each row is roughly 300 bytes wide to ultimately obtain how many gigabytes of data I need to provision.select x.ProductType, count_big(*) as ProdCount, (count_big(*)*300) as TotalBytes, ((count_big(*)*300)/1073741... as Gigabytes from fdwintegration.etl.fuelpric... x inner join fdwintegration.etl.FuelProd... y on x.ProductIndicator ......

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How Do I Alphabetize the Application Icons on my Droid?
Click on the App Button (aka: "Drawer" ) -- That's the key with the multiple squares, click on menu , select view type, select alphabetical grid.

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