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 So I've gotten a TiVo and overall, I'm happy, but there have been issues and I suspect I've a defective unit. - Now the nice folks after many service calls were happy to swap it out, and to ensure continuity of service, they sent me a new unit (after a $109 deposit).  That was yesterday. Today, when we go to watch a little TV, and wait for our replacement unit to arrive we find our TiVo service has been suspended. WTF? They have an exchange program, but your unit your waiting to exchange is as dead as a doornail until the replacement arrives. How hard is it to keep the old unit active for an extra week?

Here is the exchange w/Tivo below...

You are currently number 1 in the queue. We apologize for the delay. We will assign you to an agent as soon as one is available.The average amount of time a customer has to wait is 00:13.
 Kaylene (Listening)
 Kaylene: Thank you for contacting TiVo! My name is Kaylene. So that I may better assist you, are you an existing customer?
 james Fleming: yes I am, but I'm now having second thoughts about being one

 Kaylene: Thank you for verifying your information. How may I assist you today James?
 james Fleming: I've been having issues w/a tivo box & I'm getting a replacement sent out to me (after paying an additional deposit) and now my current unit is no longer activated
 Kaylene: I can help you today!
 Kaylene: When we process an exchange we do transfer over the service to the replacement box so it is active and ready to go when you receive it.
 james Fleming: which is to say you also make my current box worthless until such time I receive a new box?!?!?
 Kaylene: I apologize that your original box was deactivated so we could activate your replacement box.
 james Fleming: Why on Earth would I bother to pay in advance for a new box if you were going to kill my existing box.
 Kaylene: What features are you needing to use on your current box?
 james Fleming: I need to be able to access my netflix subscription (if I'm lucky enough to have it work without rebooting)
 Kaylene: Can I have you verify the TiVo Service Number of your TiVo box please?
 james Fleming: 7460011906979b4
 Kaylene: We have your current box temporary service but not all features are available with temporary service as it is not paid for service.
 Kaylene: If you like I can transfer your service back to your current box for now. Then once you receive the new box you will have to call in and have the service transferred back to the new box.
 james Fleming: Not paid for? Let's see> one tivo box + 3 year service plan + monthly service + $109 deposit on a second box = what?
 Kaylene: Would you like me to transfer your service back to your current box?
 james Fleming: Yes - that would be helpful
 Kaylene: All you will need to do is contact us again once you receive the new box so we can transfer it back.
 Kaylene: I have put your service back on TiVo box 7460011906979b4.
 james Fleming: What would also be helpful is your firm informing me to how you'd be cutting service in the interim.
 james Fleming: Again - I opted to pay to have a second box delivered BEFORE returning the box I have - thus trying to have a continuity of service..
 Kaylene: This is not something we normally do so it is important when you contact us to transfer the service back to the new box when you receive it that you reference this case number: 110622-006089.
 Kaylene: I apologize about the inconvenience. You may need  force a few connections for the box to recognize the service again.
 james Fleming: If it's not something you normally do than WHY would you have a $109 fee and a term for the service.
 james Fleming: I am not mad at you, but your company is not impressing me and I'm blogging about this experience
 Kaylene: Again I apologize about the inconvenience but you should be good to go now. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
 james Fleming: so I need to go through the re-actviate process or is that somethign you do
 Kaylene: When you receive the new TiVo box you need to contact us so we can transfer the service to the new box for you.
 james Fleming: sure
 Kaylene: Is there anything else I can help you with today James?
 james Fleming: Nope - please email this transcript to me
 Kaylene: I apologize but we do not have the ability to e-mail you a copy of this transcript. You can view it online at when you sign into your account or you can copy and paste it now to save it.
 Kaylene: Thank you for contacting TiVo today. Your reference number for our conversation is 110622-006089. You can save this for your records, and if necessary, provide this to a later agent to pull up what we discussed. There will be a brief satisfaction survey emailed to you. We would appreciate any feedback on your TiVo Chat Support experience today.
 Kaylene: Thank you for using TiVo Chat and have a great day James! Good-bye.
 Kaylene has disconnected.

Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 8:38 PM HD TV | Back to top

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