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So, I wanted to build a simple display for the foyer of our building that would display in real-time the zeitgeist of the nation. What better way of testing the pulse of the UK, than pulling down the latest list of Twitter Trends. Twitter exposes this as a nice bit of JSON XML If you call - You get a nice JSON response explained fully here .Net 4.0 has a great JSON deseriliser that can quickly read inbound ......

So I blatantly got this idea from the MIX 10 event. At MIX they held a rockband talent competition type thing (I’m not quite sure of all the details). But the interesting part for me is how they collected votes. They used Twitter (what else, when you have a few thousand geeks available to you). The basic idea was that you tweeted your vote with a # tag, i.e #ROCKBANDVOTE vote Richard How cool…. So the question is how do you write something to collate and count all the votes? Time to press the magic ......

Want a super mini .Net application to quickly send a Tweets> This baby does it straight from the command line, i.e just type I’ve just been using it, to notify my when certain long running SQL tasks complete. Mail me/or send me a Tweet :-) , if you’d like source…. Configure your username in the file ......

Twitter exposes a really nice API. I thought wouldn’t it be fun if you could display a rolling list of messages that have been posted to you. I figured this would be really useful for public events, live shows etc. Stick with me :-) So to prove the concept, I thought lets implement this in the Compact Framework so that it would be easy to run on a CE machine. connected to our JumboTron display. Cutting to the chase, if you want a download of the application in its entirety you can install it on your ......

Carl and I (@Carl_Iversen on Twitter :-) ), needed a way of showing a route map from Dynamics NAV today. So what we needed was a way to quickly show a map with a route and pushpins indicating each weigh point. Virtual Earth, has this marvellous feature that lets you show a GeoRss feed overlaid on a map, complete with polygons, pushpins and lines. Building a GeoRss feed file is a snap and this is how we did it with the following bit of C# in an ASP.Net page. The Virtual Earth SDK is a great place ......

Had to be done

This is nice. From code I can now programmatically post updates to Twitter. This bit of C# worked first time. Nice one Danny for writing this - ......