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November 2008 Entries

Ever needed to-do this in SQL? select * from ATABLE where [SomeDate]=@A_DATE_YOU_WANT... Now suppose that you want to ignore times as SQL Server's DateTime object stores the time along with the date. You can modify the query to-do just this. select * from ATABLE CAST(FLOOR(CAST( [SomeDate] AS float)) AS datetime) = @A_DATE_YOU_WANT_TO_LOOKFO Obviously the variable @A_DATE_YOU_WANT_TO_LOOKFO should have its time set to midnight, but this works great ......

So today I finally got around to updating my template libraries to cope with different screen DPI's (dot's per inch). As you all know Windows Mobile has different DPI's based on the resolution of the screen. I've been using 320x240 size devices for much of what I do, however 640x480 (i.e VGA) is now becoming more and common. To make forms look nice any bitmap that you drop onto them needs to look good at 96, 196 DPI to cope with this two resolutions. Of course we other screen resolutions we have ......

Wow,   this stuff really works....



First up, if you don't know what Geocaching is, then please do yourself a big favour and look at So..., Yes its an iPhone app, andI've been looking/building something similar for a while. Lots of GPS systems promise Geocaching options but they all seem to fall a little wide of the mark (or the ones that I can afford do) This could be the answer? ......

New emulator images all round.

This one includes the new version of Internet Explorer Mobile,,,

We've just taken delivery of our first Symbol MC 75. Its a great device. Full specs here - here However we notice that the manufacturer OEM now returns that the device is manufactured by Motorola. I guess this figures with Symbol being bought by Motorola some time back. However this foxed our auto-barcode reader detection mechanism. We now have to detect MOTOROLA, but we are able to use the same code. Which I talked about a while back here The SDK has been improved slightly too- ......