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So, after my server died,   I needed a quick way to re-establish my email as I had previously been running Exchange server.

My family all have email accounts on this server, so I’d thought I’d explore a few options for hosted email,  that would work with our mobile phones (Windows Mobile and iPhone).

Reading all the press coverage about Gmail supporting The Microsoft Air-Sync protocol,  I thought I’d give this a go.   I set up a couple of Gmail accounts.    Then on the iPhone went through the process of setting up a Google Mail account connection.

This is the bit that got me.    If you setup the Google Mail account,  you don’t get immediate access to your Contacts and Calendar.     You have to setup a separate Exchange mail account (using as the server)  to synchronise just your Contacts and Calendar.


Once I’d overcome that hurdle everything works fine.

Its not of course as good, as syncing to a real Exchange server as having things in two accounts like this is a little strange.   However I guess Google Mail, is still in Beta.



posted on Wednesday, April 1, 2009 2:29 PM