October 2007 Entries
Supporting My Friends at FarPoint Technologies

I woke up this morning and needed a pick me up before the Computers 2K7 radio show. I dug through the t-shirt drawer and found just the shirt I needed.

The good folks at FarPoint Technologies produce their flagship product, FarPoint Spread. If you need to add spreadsheet capabilities to your next windows or web software project you need to check out FarPoint Spread.

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Computers2K7 Radio Show - We're Streaming Live Right Now!

Come check out us live!  Head over to the 850 The Buzz website and click on the streaming banner. We'll be streaming live until 10:00am. You can always download the show from the show's website.

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Microsoft Developer Evangelist For the Carolina's Brian Hitney

A few weeks back, Brian Hitney joined us on the Computers2K7 radio show. We discussed a number of topics including Brian's role on the Vista team, VS 2008, Silverlight, among others. Yeah, it's taken me this long to get a picture I took of Brian in the studio...

Great job Brian!

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Hardware Review: Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000

As part of a new segment I've added on the Computers2K7 radio show I co-host, I've begun reviewing hardware and letting our listeners know what I think. Recently I discussed my thoughts on the Microsoft Entertainment Desktop 8000 package. It's a wireless keyboard and mouse package targeted at Vista users and Windows Media Center users. Yes, it works just fine with XP as well.

The first thing that I noticed as I took it out of the box is how light and thin the keyboard is. Don't let that fool you though, it has a solid feel both sitting on a desk AND on your lap in front of the TV.

Yes, you will use this wireless keyboard on your lap from the couch to control Windows Media Center. One of the coolest and handiest features about the keyboard is the backlit feature. Never will you have to ruin the mood by flipping the lights on to work with this keyboard. It illuminates quite nicely providing you the capability to increase the volume, change the channel, launch Windows Media Player, all from the comfort of your couch. Of course you can also code in the dark as well if you're into late night coding sessions! Also included on the keyboard is a built in touch pad for handling mouse operations. While the touchpad is no replacement for an actual mouse and since the package does include a mouse, it's not meant to be. it does get the job done for basic pointing and onscreen selecting.

The function keys across the top are not actual keyboard buttons, they're touch-strips. Initially I didn't like them because its very easy to accidentally hit one of them but as I became more comfortable working with the keyboard I hardly realized they were not actual buttons. 

The left side if the keyboard contains controls for volume and muting, channel selection, play/pause, rewind, fast forward, as well as left and right mouse buttons. Also on the left is a magnifier button which pops up a magnified display box to make reading smaller text on the screen a breeze to read.

The mouse is that comes in the package is the Wireless Laser Mouse 8000. It worked just fine but too be honest, I was much more focused on using the keyboard.

The Bluetooth charging hub contains 3 USB ports for plugging in any additional devices. Charging the keyboard is accomplished by slipping the keyboard under the charging hub and the mouse is charged by placing it on top of the charging hub.

I really like this keyboard. Initially I thought the lack of a numeric keypad might be an issue for me but in the end I hardly noticed it. The one sticking point I do have with this keyboard/mouse package is price. It lists at $299 but I've seen it online for about $50 less. I don't care how cool it is, $249 still seems kind of pricey to me for a keyboard and mouse combination but it does work well with Vista and the Windows Media Center.

For additional information and technical details head over to the Microsoft site and check it out.

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Microsoft Office System Developer Conference

Are you an Office 2007 developer or maybe you'd like to become one? If so, you might want to check out the Microsoft Office System Developer Conference scheduled for Feb 10-13, 2008 in San Jose, Ca. Interested in presenting at this conference? They are still accepting submissions until the end of October 2007.

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Thank You Microsoft - MVP for 5th year in a row!

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to Microsoft and everybody on the VB team. I've been recognized as an MVP for the 5th year in a row and I couldn't be more appreciative and thankful to everyone who had anything to do with me being awarded again.  VB ROCKS! does the entire VB team. It's people on the VB team like Beth Massi, who has been doing an outstanding job working with the VB Community BTW, that makes it fantastic being associated with such a great development langauage! Come, leave your cares and curly brakets behind, enjoy the goodness that is VB! :-)

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Notes From Computers 2K7 Radio Show! (September 30th, 2007)

"Good morning everybody, you're tuned to Computers 2K7 on sports radio 850 The Buzz" and so began yesterdays show as we do every Sunday morning from 8am - 10am here in Raleigh, NC. You can USUALLY download the show from the show's website but not this weeks show.... grrrrr.... details below.

This week the coding gods must have been smiling on us because we were fortunate to have Microsoft Developer Evangelist for North and South Carolina Brian Hitney join us in-studio. Brian discussed a number of topics relating to software development including his participation as a member of one of the Microsoft Vista team, the new features of Visual Studio 2008, and a bit on Silverlight as well. I almost had to kick him off the show because he revealed that he's a C# guy. Being a die-hard VB guy myself, I decided NOT to hold that against him and decided to let him stay. :-)  We really enjoyed having Brian on as a guest and plan to have him return in the future.

Now, back to the show's recording... AFTER the show was over we realized that somehow the show was NOT recorded as it usually is. Was this a software glitch? Did someone drop the ball and not set up the show to be recorded? I have no idea at this point, all I do know is that we do NOT have a recording of that show and I am soooooo not happy about it. Brian did great and I really wanted to be able to share that show with everyone.  grrrrrrrr.....

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