NHRA Gator Nationals 2008 Drag Racing And Crew Chief Pro 7.0!

I made my annual trip down to Gainesville, FL this past weekend to attend the NHRA Gator Nationals and had a blast as usual! Nitro burning Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars just do something to get the testosterone a pumping!  There is nothing like watching (and HEARING!) a car go from zero to over 330mph in 4 seconds!

While this post doesn't appear to be technology related it is. How so? Well I had a chance to meet Don Higgins, lead software developer of Crew Chief Pro 7.0.

Crew Chief Pro 7.0 is used by a wide variety of drag racing teams to help predict their performance based on weather conditions, previous runs, and other factors. Customers include professional teams such as the Caterpillar top fuel dragster racing team driven by Hot Rod Fuller, down to the unsung Sportsman categories.  Crew Chief Pro 7.0 is the result of Don's years and years of experience in the drag racing world and it shows.

Don himself is a drag racer though unfortunately his car wasn't ready for this years Gator Nationals.

My thanks to Don and a number of his customers for allowing my friends and I to watch his software in action. I learned a TON about drag racing this past weekend!

Have a day. :-|

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