Smart & Gets Things Done - Book Review

I just finished my weekend read of Joel Spolsky's book on finding and hiring the best software developers, Smart & Gets Things Done. This is a must read for people responsible for bringing in new software developers. Although his approach is slanted toward finding developers for a product-oriented software development shop versus a corporate I.T. development shop, Joel covers a wide variety of topics from delving into the thoughts and motivations of a typical developer to practical suggestions like software developers are more productive when they have their own office. This is an incredibly quick and light read full of suggestions like 1) how to effectively sort through resumes, 2) interview techniques that can help quickly determine if the applicant is right for your organization, 3) making sure you present and sell your organization to the applicant, and the list goes on.

On the flip side, I'm sending my copy to my nephew who is a computer science major at the University of Central Florida and make sure he reads it. I want to be sure he understands how important it is to present himself as one of those "smart & gets things done" types when he starts preparing for and going on job interviews.

The slow economic times we're in with all the layoffs and downsizing has dramatically increased the number of potential applicants available for any software developer openings at your company. It is increasingly important that you and/or your organization are prepared with the advice and mind set needed to select the best of the best for your company. Smart & Gets Things Done provides the insight and practical advice to help you select developers who are smart & gets things done.

If you're a technical recruiter and you haven't read this book yet, I'd suggest you add it to your short-list of books to read soon.

posted on Sunday, February 22, 2009 2:53 PM Print