September 2009 Entries
The FREE Raleigh Code Camp (September 19th) is Right Around the Corner!

Just a reminder that the FREE Raleigh Code Camp is coming up quick! Mark your calendar! Saturday, September 19th, is the day, ECPI in Raleigh is the place and FREE is the price!!

Never been to a Code Camp??? Oh well then you haven’t lived! From the Raleigh Code Camp site:

“Code Camp is a place for developers to come and learn from their peers. This community driven event has become an international trend where peer groups of all platforms, programming languages and disciplines band together to bring content to the community. Who is speaking at Code Camp? YOU are, YOUR PEERS are, and YOUR LOCAL EXPERTS are…all are welcome! This is a community event and one of the main purposes of the event is to have local community members step up and offer some cool presentations!”

Code camps are great! Where else can you hang with other developers, learn some new stuff, and possibly walk away winning a prize all for FREE!

I’m scheduled to present a session so I expect to see you all there! :-)

Did I mention that it’s FREE? :-)

Have a day. :-|

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