Building & Validating Data Entry Forms in AngularJS – Cape Fear .NET User Group

I took the two-ish hour drive down I-40 to Wilmington, NC recently and presented this session to enthusiastic group at the May Cape Fear .NET User Group monthly meeting. I had a wonderful time and I think they assembled masses actually learned something.  :-)  This is the session description:

AngularJS, it's all the rage these days and it's the biggest thing in the JavaScript world since JQuery. Have you heard of it? If you're a web developer odds are you've heard of it and if you haven't you will the next time you go looking for a job. In this presentation you will learn about something at the heart of most line-of-business applications, creating data entry forms. Come join us and learn about working with data entry form controls, data validation attributes, determining if the user has interacted with a control, determining if an entry is valid or invalid, determining which specific data validation error has occurred, creating client-side business rules and applying CSS styles to provide a visual indicator of a control's data entry status. You will also learn where to find more information and additional guidance on taking your next steps on the road to building AngularJS applications.

Thanks to everyone who attended. I had a great time.

The slides are available here.

Have a day.

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