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If you start the Microsoft Feedback Client on a Server operating system and try to use any of the recording options you are likely to hit the error;

TF298020: The assembly wmvcore.dll could not be found. If you are running Windows Server 2008 or later, make sure the desktop experience feature is installed. Refer for more details.”



Figure 1 – Video Error when clicking “Screen with Voice” in Microsoft Feedback Client

Steps to Fix TF298020 – Video Error

Kudos to Microsoft Product Team, the error message is very descriptive. I fixed this by enabling the Desktop Experience Feature on my Windows Server 2012 server by following the steps below,

01 – Open Server Manager and Click Add Roles and Features


02 – Navigate to Feature view and check ‘Desktop Experience’, you’ll find it under User Interfaces and Infrastructure


03 – Click Next and Install the Desktop Experience feature



Note - A restart of the Windows Server OS machine will be required after this feature has been installed.


04 – Try using the record feature of the Feedback client now, it should just work!


Note - If you do not have a default audio device configured you will run into the error message,

TF298503 : Could not locate the default audio recording device for the remote session. Audio and video recording will be disabled for this session. To record audio, make sure
1. You have configured audio redirection settings correctly in the remote machine.
2. You have enabled "Record from this computer" while connecting to the remote machine.
Refer for more details.”

This can be fixed by changing the Rdp settings,

Go to the Local Resources tab and choose Settings, from the options window, change the Remote audio recording to ‘Record from this computer’.



I hope this helps!  :]

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