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17th August 2013


Issues Addressed

  1. 0 or 1 day sprints: The divide by zero exception is thrown on the sprint burndown+ exception only if the sprint start and sprint end date is the same. For example in sprint 1 the sprint start date and sprint end date is the same, unfortunately we did not handle the 1 day or 0 day sprint scenario in our extension hence the exception.
        Figure – Sprint configuration which was causing divide by zero exception
   2.  Teams: We received a lot of feedback that all teams that a user has access to should show up in the drop down rather than only the teams the user is a member of. This behaviour is now consistent with how Team Web Access works. 

   3.  Some other minor UI improvements…

We are delighted to see that we have crossed over 500 downloads in 5 days, we are really keen to hear more from you… Please keep the feedback coming!

13th August 2013


11th August 2013


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