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House cleaning my Visual Studio Online instance the other day, I was trying to right click the team project in Visual Studio to delete the project. I was surprised to see the delete command on the context menu greyed out. Well! Luckily Help from the product team was just an e-mail away. Sharing just in case you run into the same situation…


Figure 1 – Delete command disabled on the team project context menu in Visual Studio
  • Step 1 – Browse to your Visual Studio Instance website

         Browse to <your instance name>

         Click the wheel icon to navigate to the Settings


  • Step 2 – Visual Studio Online Control Panel

         In the Visual Studio Online Control Panel click the ‘View the collection administration page’ link


  • Step 3 – Choose Delete from the context menu

         You should now be able to right click on the project name and choose the delete command to delete the team project.


  • Step 4 – Acknowledge the Delete Project Warning by clicking Accept


Job Done! Team Project has been deleted.

Hope you find this useful.


Tarun :]

Posted on Sunday, September 14, 2014 10:11 PM VSO | Back to top

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