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Project Welcome page is a new feature to Visual Studio Online. The idea is to add a landing page for visitors to your project to get a glimpse of information you are willing to share. For some, it’s an easy Wiki to share information among project team members. I personally think it’s a great feature...

While the feature isn’t available to TFS (on-premise) immediately, it may be made available to TFS via one of the future updates…


Where do I find project welcome page?

You should be able to spot the welcome page when you navigate to the project in visual studio online.


Project Welcome pages are supported for both TFVC and GIT

To set a welcome page for a project, simply check in a file called  For TFVC based projects this file needs to be at the root of your Team Project folder (i.e. $/TeamProject/  For Git based project this needs to be at the root of your repository in the default branch.  Once those changes are up on the server you are done – the content will display when someone selects the welcome page.

Walkthrough setting up project welcome page for TFVC…

In the example below, I am using TFVC…

  • Create a file on your team project root workspace. I’ve used to create my mark down file… I would recommend trying it…
  • Choose the option to check in the file from visual studio…
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • The results… Stunning!
  • image 

I hope you found this useful. Thank you for taking the time out and reading this blog post. If you enjoyed the post, remember to subscribe to Stay tuned!

Are you using the project welcome page already?


Tarun :]


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