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So I haven't written in a while.... I've been pretty busy with the holidays, but also with some serious upheaval in my latest project.... just as we were about to get into serious construction in our large thick .NET 2.0, C# desktop application we've changed gears and we're now developing a thin ASP.NET with Ajax web application that will have a small desktop component for a subset of users to support a couple of thick use cases. There were a variety of reasons for the change, and while I was skeptical at first (I've been deeply embedded in thick development for a few years now) I've seen the light and I've really been enjoying the challenge of they new development model. So, I'll probably be spewing my findings and frustrations about Ajax, IE6/7, CSS and the like here soon....

The thing about desktop vs web applications is there are differences, but those differences aren't necessarily bad. The comment that came up a lot when we were announcing the switch was "the user experience won't be the same!" And that's true, the desktop app experience would have been different; in fact in a web app the IE7, IE6 and Firefox experiences might be different. Sometimes the differences are small and subtle, some differences are large; but they are just differences, no judgements. When all is done our users will still have a great application that will allow them to get their work done; and in the end, that's what counts.


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