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January 2006 Entries

The waiting is over. Microsofts Patterns & Practices Group has just released the new Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0 to the public. It is an easy to use and graphically configurable collection of application blocks that help you to build Enterprise Scale managed applications. This is release is for: Anybody who is interested in best programming practices for .NET 2.0. If you need a good Caching solution which survives an application crash. You want to log messages to the Event Log, Email them ......

With the advent of unit test frameworks like JUnit, NUnit, MBUnit, ... and the new Visual Studio Team System a plethora of articles and books spread the news that unit tests are a nice thing in every programmers toolbox. We all know that solid software engineering requires a certain amount of testing. Everybody knows it and only few actually do it. This might have to do with pressing time schedules and human laziness which most programmers follow: Achieve good results with the least amount of work. ......

This time I would like to show you the most important changes in the System.Configuration namespace with .NET 2.0. I have looked at my blog referrer statistics and saw about 20 hits/day by google. Most of them were searching infos how to configure the new Enterprise Library but also a significant number of people which seem to seek guidance to the following questions: How to read/write to App.Config? How to store a list of objects in a config file via the System.Configuration mechanism? Reason enough ......