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February 2016 Entries

I had an interesting case where a new WPF control was added to a legacy WinForms application. The WPF control worked perfectly in a test application but for some strange reason it was very slow in final WinForms application where it was hosted with the usual System.Windows.Forms.Integr... The UI did hang and one core was always maxed out. Eventually it built up after some minutes but even simple button presses did cause 100% CPU on one core for 20s. If you have high CPU consumption ......

The number of bugs produced by developers are legion but why are advanced debugging skills still rare in the wild? How do you solve problems if you do not have the technical know how to to a full root cause analysis across all used tech stacks? Simple bugs are always reproducible in your development environment and can easily be found with visual debuggers in your favorite IDE. Things get harder if your application consistently crashes at customer sites. In that case often environmental problems ......