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March 2016 Entries

When dealing with custom data structures funny things can happen. This is especially true if multiple threads can mutate state and you have several locks playing in the mix. Doing a code review is quite challenging with such code but still some bugs slip through. After quite a lot of debugging the final bug turned out to have nothing to do with multithreading but a problematic IComparable implementation. What will the following small program print as output? using System; using System.Collections.Generic; ......

Finding handle leaks in all processes at once for all handle types without a debugger is no longer impossible. Since Windows 8.1 (0?) each handle creation and close call is instrumented with an ETW event. You only need to turn it on, execute your use case for some minutes or hours if you really need to and then stop the recording. To start full handle tracing you need to install the Windows Performance Toolkit from the Windows 10 SDK or WDK. Then enter in an Administrator shell wpr -start Handle ......