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From past few years  I was using Amazon kindle for reading books, docs etc. It was a quite good obsession in the past. It's all end now. My kindle have scratch and I am not interested to get it fixed or do anything on it.

Earlier I have kindle 4, A Kindle with 5 key button and it's nice to read book with it, It come with no light later on Paperwhite 2 and 3.

Today I see scratch on my kindle. I have bought a kindle cover that doesn't last long. A kindle cover cost me 999 INR get broken down in less then expected time.

Overall Kindle is fragile product. More fragile than phone and other things. If you have kindle, you need to have a phone at-least. If you are living in another city where you need to go with help of maps (Google maps) You need to have at-least a smartphone. This means using multiple gadget is same time doesn't sound good. Amazon doesn't add the functionality of calling (only calling) so I can replace my smartphone with it at-least.

Today I see the scratch on my kindle. Got no proper answer from Amazon Customer care. Written a mail to Amazon team.

I will prefer Audiobooks in future. I have a Oreillly's subscription for learning and I can't get my books on kindle. Oreilly don't allow me to have books on kindle. Kindle have a lot of limitation itself. Like I can't use EPUB. For example If I bought a epub or something I need to convert it.

Since it's all closed source product and fragile, it doesn't sound good to invest. If I lost my Amazon account I will lost all the books that I have. I can't give my books to friend like I do with physical books.

Bye Bye Kindle!

Happy coding :)
Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2019 9:59 PM kindle , amazon | Back to top

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