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Here's more stats -- from the CommNet home page for the show:


What does it take to feed 13,000 people at Tech·Ed?

  • 117,000 bottles of water
  • 14,300 lattes
  • 15,600 ice cream bars (it’s HOT out there)
  • 4,000 pounds of chips and snack mix
  • 2,300 dozen eggs
  • 8,000 pounds of chicken
  • 52,000 servings of juice


Who knew they were counting the bottles of water?


After a session on the top ten ISV enhancements to SharePoint, Kevin Laahs of HP gave a presentation in Searching in SharePoint.  That's an issue because searching in a Windows SharePoint Services Team Site can yield different results than searching in a SharePoint Portal installation.  Who knows why -- product differentiation maybe? 


After a thorough introduction into SharePoint indexing and search behavior, Kevin showed a neat trick where minor tweaks to the Search.aspx file yields increased capabilities like a wild card search and the ability to open documents from the search list in a separate window.  Trust me, most of this presentation was really down in the weeds.  If you have a search problem with a huge SharePoint site, Kevin should be your first call.


The day ended with another ASP 2.0 presentation.  In this one, Stefan Schackow of Microsoft introduced the advances being made in the ASP Converter -- the tool that converts a v1.1 app to v2.0.  First, the really good news ... not only does v1.1 co-exist with v2.0 on the same server, but you can run v1.1 binaries on the v2.0 framework.  Looks like Microsoft is really taking this compatibility thing seriously.  Go into the web site properties to set the application pool and the framework version.  When you are running side by side on different frameworks versions, you have to be in different application pools.


If you want to share form authentication tickets across v1.1 and v2.0 applications, you need to set the validation and encryption keys in the web.configs to the same values.  You also need to drop the machineKey in the v2.0 web.config to "3DES", since ASP2 defualts to higher encryption.


ASP2 generates a bunch of "/APP_*" folders so the if a browser makes a request against one of those directories it can be rebuffed, just as requests against the "/bin" folder are now.  There's more to cover here, but we will have to back to this topic later.  This day is done -- or maybe it's me that's done.


As LNBruno puts it … from "Your man at TechEd!"


Bill J




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OMG! 15,600 ice cream bars and 4,000 pounds of chips? lol
What a great diet you guys had there!

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Healthy diet! LOL

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Healthy diet!! haha
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Healthy diet!! haha
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Healthy diet!! hahahaha

Como ser uber
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