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I'm looking for some good books to learn: ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Basic for 3 Tier Development with Stored Procedures. The Data Tutorials are Great on ASP.NET's site, but they don't take the path of using Stored Procedures. I'd like to find something to walk me through the creation of a 3 Tier Site with ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Basic, 2005 and Stored Procedures. ......

The website has a whole pile of great webcasts all layed out on topics from beginning to silverlight.

If you're running Visual Studio 2005 (with SP1), Vista, and IIS 7, you might have problems using your IIS Server. I got a nasty message: "You Must be a member of the administrator's group on the local computer to access IIS metabase ..." I found several sites with instructions, but they did not solve the problem, until I got to where he's ......

Great Article from Dino Esposito - MSDN Magazine Hotmail Inbox Grid with code evailable in both VB and C# 2005.

My newest project at work, as a Web System's Analyst has been to evaluate, aquire, install and configure a Web Application for tracking Issues or Problems provided by Computer Services for 150 to 200 users. IssueTrak 7.0 by Global Support Software is a Web App consisting of SQL Server, Stored Procs, Active Server Pages, CSS, scripting. When you aquire ......

Excellent Resource for locating alot of Visual Studio 2005 Informations and Web sites. You probably know of alot of these, but it has new info added regularly at dotneturls

Watch you're Liquid Background with Windows Vista Ultimate's Extra, Dreamscene.

Yahoo is soon going to release it's new Messenger created with Microsoft's WPF. has a great video in Yahoo's New Messenger.

Feb 07
I'm running Vista Ultimate on my year old compaq presario 2610 Laptop, and it's not as much of a resource pig as some people were screaming Vista would be. My Compaq needs an upgraded HD (Only 40 gig) now. Also I have just over 1 gig of RAM Vista is actually running better that XP Pro did. How's That? :-) I've been running Vista on this machine since ......

Welcome to my Blog. I'm a Microsoft Fan, so expect to see Microsoft Technologies here. My main interests are Vista Ultimate, Office 2007, Visual Studio 2005, Visual Basic 2005, SQL Server 2005, ASP.NET 2.0.

In a short while I'll have some items posted.

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