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My newest project at work, as a Web System's Analyst has been to evaluate, aquire, install and configure a Web Application for tracking Issues or Problems provided by Computer Services for 150 to 200 users.

IssueTrak 7.0 by Global Support Software is a Web App consisting of SQL Server, Stored Procs, Active Server Pages, CSS, scripting. When you aquire IssueTrak, you also need SQL Server 2005 with the Management tool so you can manage the database, run scripts, and create and schedule jobs.

I customized the Application to authenticate to LDAP (Novell), and log the User into a custom User Interface, based on the Priviledges chosen by the Administrator, that's me. As the Administrator I have full control of IssueTrak. It is running on a Windows Server 2003, with IIS 6.0, as well as php 5.2 which I use for user authentication. We run the Web App on our own Windows Server 2003 machine.

My latest work on our IssueTrak Installation is to customize a submit.asp page based on the user having basic priviledges or the advanced user having administration priviledges, and this was simple. I just provided access to certain fields if the user had IsSysAdmin rights or not.

The pages I created for IssueTrak were:

Custom Issuetrak.html Page

Custom LoginFailure.html Page

PHP Authentication - Novell LDAP.php - eDirectory


Customized Submit.asp Page with hidden fields, based on certain Sessions (IsSysAdmin and UserCanManageAssets)

The system might also be used for another department, and with some Blackberry's.

IssueTrak can be aquired for under $1000.00, and is easy to customize. The support the company provides is very good as well.

The only thing I'd like to see it the Web App begin redeveloped using ASP.NET 2.0. That would be great.

There are some well known companies using Issuetrak. Some like Pepsi, Symantec, Toyota. For a full list go here.

If you need a Web App for Issue Tracking/Problem Management, check it out.

See more about IssueTrak

After receiving a feedback email from someone with IssueTrak's Company, they are going to upgrade to ASP.NET 2.0. This will make their Web Application even more valuable. It's a fair amount of work to customize it in ASP, but once it is upgraded, believe me, you'll want to consider it.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences with IssueTrak. It is great to hear customers recommend the product without us even asking! Amoung other improvements, we are in the initial stages of redeveloping the product in .NET. Look for that in the near future. Also our Web site is getting a facelift as well and will be live in the next few months.
Left by Elysa on Mar 09, 2007 1:19 PM

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