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Culture. Of all the overloaded, over-used, buzzword-bingo, five dollar corporate-jingoistic catchphrases of leadership jargon out there, are there any that are more hyped yet seemingly less tangible than this one? Developer teams are not immune cultural risks and benefits.

“They offer catered lunches, free snacks, a kegerator, and foosball!” Don’t get me wrong—I like those things! But once you’re in the door and working at a company, what really matters is feeling like you’re part of something special; that you “fit” there.

Whether you’re leading a small dev team, are in charge of a large cross-functional crew that spans the entire technology ecosystem, or are a founder who is building everything from scratch, there are real, tangible, practical steps you can take to improve your work environment, without having to clear out a conference room for another foosball table.

Let me start with a few admissions. First, although I have helped craft the cultures at a number of organizations, I’m by no means the foremost authority. Second, Stackify (my current organization) doesn’t have it all figured out. We’re as imperfect as the next company. To be a part of a company is to embrace a certain level of imperfection. An important corollary to that is that no culture is perfect for all people. Nor should it be. What a culture can be is a vital instrument that propels the success of an organization. Or, on the flipside, propels its undoing.

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