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I read a piece of news online says Plymouth police officers in England make more arrests  and reduce violent crime by wearing a helmet mounted camera. (,39029660,49287477,00.htm) By reading the news, it seems the idea of having cams attach to police officer’s helmets is another silver bullet to solve the serious crimes. Interestingly, the other night when I watch CNN tech news, a police officer being interviewed concludes at the end of the video footage with a big smile on his face “it saves us a lots of paper works”. It is amazing how system being viewed and used by different stakeholders. To the public or tax payers, it’s all about the purples of having police department; to the executives in department, it’s the numbers that make them valuable; to the first line officers, what makes it worth is the convenience of concluding his or her day by simply changing hat and enjoy more time with family. Posted on Friday, September 14, 2007 11:59 AM BPM and Enterprise Architecture | Back to top

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