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This weekend has totally rocked so far. George and Jason arrived late Thursday night, and we headed straight for the local pub. A few pints (each) later we were on our way to Reality Check where we threw down in an impromptu Worms deathmatch on the GC.

Friday we spent the first part of the day in design mode, writing all over the walls in our self-imposed isolation. After lunch we began slinging code and George commenced designing the art assets. Let me just say, George rocks. It was a terrific opportunity seeing the art design and creation process. Jason, our framework master had our Game object, sprite animations, steering behavior and various object behaviors up and running in no time.

I could barely keep up with the two of them, so I spent a good bit of my time working on design concepts and looking at Jason's code. Words fail to describe how excited I am about this game. In addition to "butts in seats" coding time, we also got some good video documentation of the design process and Jason got mildly addicted to the WoW Card Game.

Some time around Friday evening we made another trip to the pub, returning here a couple hours later fully energized (and mildly inebriated) and ready to resume our efforts.

Around 5AM Saturday morning, we decided to call it a night and returned to the mountain house to rest.

5 hours of sleep and a quick breakfast at Sonic later, we resumed work. More details here! Posted on Saturday, January 6, 2007 4:09 PM Game Development | Back to top

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