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2009, Day 15 (Thursday): Today started off ok. It was insanely cold (-22F) when I got up, but since I was working from home and didn't have to go outside, it didn't really matter much.  Eventually, I wrapped things up here in the afternoon and Jason O and I headed to the XNA User Group.

But first, a stop by Micro Center. It seems like almost every time I go there, I end up leaving annoyed. It's not that they don't have good prices, because they do. It's not about their selection, which is great. It's their sales staff. It seems like almost every person I talk to there falls somewhere between indifferent and incompetent.

All I wanted to do was pick up a low-end system (as listed in their sale paper) to re-purpose as a Windows Home Server. They had several appealing systems (good price and specs) listed, but I couldn't find any of them in the store.

The first guy I asked didn't seem to care much about my actual question, since he pointed in about 4 different directions and rattled off some names and systems numbers that didn't match the ones I wanted at all, and then walked off. 

The second guy I talked to had never actually looked at the sale paper, couldn't find most of them, and finally found me one that had been damaged. When I asked about the others he made some lame excuse about how all the other stores get them first... and then walked off. 

The third guy couldn't answer any of my questions and eventually said he worked in the Mac department, so I dismissed him.

At no point did any of these guys try to actually help or find someone who could. I ended up leaving without buying a system at all. With even minimal effort, they could have probably made a decent sale, since I likely would have been willing to consider a better system with a little discussion.

So, that was a bust, though not terribly surprising. I'll still go there for specific parts, but I think I'll shop elsewhere for my Home Server machine.

After leaving Micro Center, it was getting closer to XNA UG time, so we headed over there and got set up. We had a decent turnout considering the weather (and the focus of the group) and Jason gave a great talk on IronRuby and XNA Game Scripting. After the UG meeting, we went over to Schuller's for a few beers and some food... and the conversations continued from the UG over there.

Definitely a fun night. Posted on Friday, January 16, 2009 10:37 AM | Back to top

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