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Hi, welcome to my blog.

A little about me: I'm currently employed as a contractor at a large corporation (which I won't be naming).  In the past, my job duties pretty well exclusively had me repackaging applications to work with the infrastructure that Large Company has.

Large Company recently (well, 2 years ago or so) moved from NT4 to Windows XP as the desktop platform so I had to shift from packaging applications with WinInstall 5.1 (which worked remarkably well for what we were doing) to MSIs via InstallShield, which seems to not work so well for our needs.

Along the way, I also gained the responsibility of being the caretaker of the applications published and assigned via Group Policy -- not that they trust me enough to give me admin rights on the domain controllers; I write instructions for others to actually perform and I've been trying to automate the checking of their work... while it's feasible to make sure that 10 or 20 apps are published correctly in a single domain, when you're looking at several thousand applications across multiple domains it's just not feasible to keep it all straight. 

A couple of years ago I started back up on working towards a college degree.  Took a C# class and really took to it, and now roughly 30% of my job duties involve writing code.

So... you can expect really three categories of posts: C#, application repackaging, and group policy.  Some of it may be news, some of it might be known to everyone else. 

I had a plan for a post detailing the inner structure of the .AAS files on the Sysvol and their role in application publishing via GPO, but in my research into a couple of little points I found that a lot of what I thought I knew was wrong.. so you'll have to wait until I know a little more.

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