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Windows 7 – Improved Router Access

I came across this feature in Windows 7…its small, but kewl nonetheless. If you go to your Network, you’ll see that your router is listed along with other computers and devices on your network. If you right click, you’re given the option to open the device webpage. This is awesome if you want a quick way to get to your router’s admin page without having to click through your network connections or run ipconfig to get your gateway IP. Now, I realize that you could also just create a shortcut in your ......

Windows 7 – Home Networking Done Right

Remember how annoying it was to get two computers on a network to share files between each other? I don’t mean on a domain or anything, but on a typical home network where you don’t have a domain controller or anything at that level, and at most you had a workgroup value assigned to each machine. With Windows 7, getting your computers to talk to each other is SO SIMPLE. In fact, the least amount of work you have to do to get it working is entering a password. Here’s how it works. Homegroup When you ......