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Wake up Montreal...0-2 is Unacceptable

Thursday, July 5, 2007 4:52 PM

The first quarter looked promising for the Alouettes tonight, but the rest of the game was horrible. There's no reason that they should have lost, and its unfathomable to think that a team with as much talent as the Als shouldn't have to rely on their place-kicker to score the bulk of points for them in any game.

The running game was almost non-existent. With a guy like Robert Edwards in your backfield, you should be running plays that just eat up the field. But they didn't, and it showed.

The passing game was hindered by two major issues: receivers not working hard enough to get open, and an offensive line that allowed their quarterback to get sacked 7 times. Anthony Calvillo is NOT the problem with this offense. There were a number of balls that were thrown 5 yards in front of the receiver...I don't think that's Tony's fault, I think those receivers need to put some spring in their step. He's got the arm, they need to find some legs.

And then there was the bloopers and stupid penalties. Needless unsportsmanlike conduct and unnecesary roughness calls...horribly timed pass-interference infractions...and how can we forget Mike Imoh wrapping up a TD as a gift to the Bombers in the form of fumbling a kick off return in the endzone.

The defense didn't help matters either, allowing 32 points and big touchdown plays. And if it seemed like the defense was on the field longer than the offense, it really just seemed that way: time of possession was practically even at 30:48 for the Bombers to 29:12 for the Als. I don't believe they got to Kevin Glen once this game for a sack, they bit on trick plays (one that resulted in a Winnipeg score), and had a big hand in the penalties called against the team.

The only bright spot in the entire team was the kicking team. Duvall, although he missed a couple, put through enough to keep Montreal competitive.

But you don't win football games off your kicker's foot. Coach Popp, you better come up with something real quick to solve these issues...you said you'd be worried if you were playing poorly by game 5? I wouldn't wait that long if I were you.



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