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Jimmy and Timmy Need Your Help!

Thursday, July 19, 2007 5:00 PM


We're all familiar with Timmy and Jimmy, the two characters from South Park with disabilities. Although the show uses them to prove points and sometimes poke fun at humerous sterotypes, the reality is that there are people with physical disabilities who suffer in the real world every day.

On August 16th, I'm going to be doing something to help these people. I've enrolled in the Easter Seals Drop Zone event. Easter Seals is a non-profit organization that provides services to those with physical handicaps and dissabilities.

The goal of the Drop Zone event is for each participant to raise a minimum of $1500.00 in fundraising which will directly help the Easter Seals efforts locally. In exchange...I will be rappelling down a 16 story building.

Yes...I'm putting my life in the balance to help those in need. But for me to help them, I need you to help me. I've discussed this event before, and I'm halfway to meeting the minimum amount. I need to raise another $700.00 in a month's time, so I'm going back to you: my friends in the community, to ask for your help.

In the past I've said "any amount will do", but now I'm being a bit more specific: if 35 people pledged $20 each, I'd have enough to cover the minimum donation. I'm also opening myself up to being a sponsor for any business that wants advertising on me while performing the stunt.

If you want more information on Easter Seals,the Drop Zone event, or how to make an online pledge, please check out my website:




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