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PDC 08 – Almost Missed My Plane

Friday, October 31, 2008 12:21 AM

After the PDC closed at 3PM, a group of us went over to the Liberty Grille again for a bite to eat. We’d been there the night before and had a really good experience, so thought we’d try it again. Everything was going fine until 5:00 came around and I had to leave. First, our waiter was nowhere to be found and I asked another waiter to get him for us and if he could bring my bill that would be great.

Our waiter shows up with the bill for the entire table. I explain that I only am paying for my portion. He tells me that they only do one bill for large parties (first we knew of this). I ask for just mine split off and he says he can’t do it! He then has to go around and determine who had what, and then collect payment from EVERYONE before closing the cheque…so he couldn’t take just *my* payment. Chris and I finally left around 5:45ish but no worries…my flight wasn’t until 8:35.

Never…EVER underestimate LA freeway traffic or their horrible signage on their freeways. We drove and drove and weeved and weeved and finally made it to the freeway that would take us to the airport. This was getting close to 6:45 now…but no worries I thought…lots of time.

Traffic on the freeway was beyond crawling. I kept looking for a turnoff for Century street, but didn’t see one. I finally asked Chris to get the LA map out of my bag…this was after I saw the sign for Culver City. Turns out that we had passed the airport and were waaaay north! So we turn around and Chris flips on the GPS on his phone.

We get to the airport, and head to Dollar to drop off the car. There’s a shuttle waiting to leave, but I have to check the car in so I have to wait for the next one. It’s now 7:45 and my flight leaves at 8:35.

Another shuttle comes and we’re off. Luckily Southwest is the first gate, so the drive isn’t too bad. I head to the counter and tell them I’m on the 8:35 flight to Vegas. “You mean the 8:25 flight?” 10 minutes just disappeared. My suitcase goes to TSA, and as I write this I’m hoping it got on the flight, as it was tagged as “late”.

Security at LAX is AWESOME. First there was the pre-screening, which was fairly quick and painless. Then came the scanners. They have two lines: Experienced Flyers and Non-Experienced. So for those of us that know the drill (laptop out of bag, take off shoes and belt and watch, empty coins from pockets), you can whiz through security without any issues.

After going through security, my gate was right there and I boarded with lots of time to spare. Now if only my luggage got on the plane…

Update: I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport…waiting for the flight from LA to come in at 11:00 so I can get my bag. Ah adventures in air travel…



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