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Canada <3’s US Public Speakers

Friday, April 10, 2009 11:21 AM

I was talking to a US friend recently about what his experience is coming through the Canadian border when doing speaking at a user group, code camp, or conference. He said he’s never had a problem doing it. Huh…in fact, when I talk to any of my US friends who speak in Canada, none of them seem to have any issue and none of them withhold any information when declaring what they’ll be doing.

The reason for this is because Canada actually has a list of jobs that do not require a work permit. And oh…look what’s part of that list?

Public speakers

Guest speakers, commercial speakers or seminar leaders can speak or deliver training in Canada without a work permit as long as the event is no longer than five days.

In fact, even those from the US that are organizers or administrative staff of a convention don’t need a work permit…

Convention organizers

Organizers and administrative staff of international meetings or conventions being held in Canada do not need a work permit.

Note: People providing audiovisual services and other “hands-on” help at these events must have a work permit to work in Canada.

Now why would this be? Could it be that Canada understands the benefits that having smart people from other countries coming in to share their knowledge with the local population a good thing? But c’mon, that just sounds CRAZY!



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