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Thursday, April 23, 2009 2:58 PM

Every once in a while we at Geeks With Blogs like to get away from Technology and post on a non-technical subject. I enjoy this and think its one of the things that makes GWB’s a great community of people, not just geeks.

Recently I’ve been blogging quite a bit on border and immigration issues, which has become somewhat of an interest of mine. While I hope my readers have enjoyed these posts, I realize that this is first and foremost a technology community and I don’t want to force those with a technical interest to have to wade through me expounding on political-themed topics whether that be on my own blog or on the main feed.

So going forward I’ll be keeping this blog as technically relevant as possible (meaning about tech, the tech community, etc.). I’ll still be posting my slant on political/current events, but I’ll be doing it at a new blog that I’ve called Border Fail (Thanks Cam for the name idea). Point your RSS feeds there if you want to keep up with my non-technical rants.

One other note: It seems to have been corrected, but if you get a warning message from blogger saying that the site may be spam just ignore it. I re-posted my relevent blog posts and doing so many in a short period of time got me flagged on Google’s spam radar. Man, I just can’t catch a break anywhere! ;)



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