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Winnipeg September Tech Community Events

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 9:57 AM

It’s that time of the year when the local Winnipeg technology communities start ramping up! There are two group events this month to be aware of:

.NET UG – September 21

Amir Barylko presents Iron Ruby and .NET: A Match Made in Heaven!

Ruby is an awesome language that is quite popular nowadays. The beautiful expressive syntax of Ruby and the tools and frameworks that have been built around it (Rake, Rails, Sinatra, rSpec, Cucumber, etc) makes it an excellent candidate to match a wide variety of our day to day needs.

If only we could find a way of leverage our .NET code and use the best of both worlds.... wait... what about IronRuby?

From the IronRuby page:

IronRuby is a .NET implementation of the Ruby programming language. IronRuby heavily leverages Microsoft's Dynamic Language Runtime, and both are released with full source code under the Apache License (version 2).

Join us for a presentation that will show how to integrate IronRuby with our .NET code and how to use powerful frameworks like Sinatra and Cucumber.

To register, click here.


Flash in the Peg – September 23

Devin Reimer on Flex 4 Overview

A few meetings ago we went over the Flash Builder 4 environment, now it is time to go over the RIA(Rich Internet Appliaction) workhorse which is Flex. More specifically the new and improved Flex 4.

During this presentation a Flex 4 application will be built to show off new features like Spark (new component architecture), simpler States, improved animation system and many more.

If you are thinking about building an web and/or desktop based application come see what Flex can do for you. If not still come to make sure if a client or boss sends an RIA question your way that you will have the answers and look like a super star. :)

For more info and to register, click here.

Ruby UG – September 30

Understanding Git by Matthew Boehlig

Does git control you? Using the basic set of commands you learned from a tutorial without really understanding what they are doing? Using git effectively requires the understanding of how to navigate the commit tree and manipulate branch pointers. Don't worry, it's not that scary. Matthew will shine a light on git's DAG and show you how to practically use git in every day situations. No longer guess at which command to use, but really understand what's going on under the hood.

Ruby from the Ground Up by Nathan Bertram

Wondering what this Ruby programming language is all about? How can Ruby == programmer happiness? Nathan will focus this talk on the basics ending with more advanced features of the language. He will show some comparisons with other common languages, show you why many programmers love Ruby and where the popular framework Ruby on Rails fits in. You will learn more about the online Ruby community, resources and where to find current news about Ruby and ROR. If you are starting out with Ruby or never considered the Ruby programming language before this talk is for you.

For location info and how to register, click here.


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