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January 2015 Entries

Mobile Dev with VS.NET Talk Resources

Thanks to everyone who came out to my talk on Mobile Dev with VS.NET last week at the Winnipeg .NET User Group! Below are links from the session content. First, I wanted to clarify something… The last question we took asked if there was a learning curve for developing Android in Xamarin. I answered thinking from a .NET point of view – C# conventions are still in place but the framework you develop with may be different. Tyler Doerksen pointed out to me that the question could have been about how ......

2014–The Year of Being Personal

Another year is in the books, and in keeping with last year’s “Applied Life Lessons…” theme, here’s the 2014 edition. A guy with the same name as my dad, who had a similar career path too, passed away the other day and his obituary showed up in the paper. My dad started getting calls wondering if he had passed away and found it amusing that he had to correct so many people. “The guy was in his eighties, I’m not that old!” was his jovial response. But none of us are “that old”. Any of us could be ......