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Code Diva and Marketing Gal Sara Faatz, just gave a facinating presentation on the best way to get your user group plugged into the vendor community.   I think there are three main take-a-ways from this talk.

  1. Look professional.  Having a laid back meeting and group structure is great, but your public face to the vendor community should be as professional as possible.  It doesn't take much.  An up to date web site is a good start. 
  2. Give them some Ammo.  The Developer Marketing people within the vendors need to be able to justify the expenditure.  This can be as simple as providing them with so?me simple numbers about your group.  How many members?  What is the average attendance at your meetings?  What is the cost per head?
  3. Finally, feedback.  Have the person or persons that got the swag send an email to the vendor thanking them for their contribution.  Get someone to write a review.  REGISTER the software.  A lot of times the software is full working versions.  Registration hooks you into free updates and all the priveledges that go along with a fully licensed purchase but you get it for FREE.

Stay tuned...

Just because I can...


posted on Sunday, May 23, 2004 2:25 PM