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July 2004 Entries

My reticular activating system seems to be functioning within normal parameters for a change.  And this is a very good thing indeed.

Just because I can...



Not long ago I was ranting about all of the hype surrounding the recent surge in blogging's popularity. Today, via Scobleizer, I have stumbled upon the third sign of the Blogosphere Apocalypse. Let's face it, when something gets big enough to garner the attention of CNN, it's pretty much over. “Technorati CEO David L. Sifry will be on-site at the (Democratic) convention to provide on-air analysis on which political blogs are getting most attention and which ideas are generating lots of buzz by tracking ......

Just found out tonight that my cousin's boy Michael has aplastic anemia. What a total drag. He's currently undergoing Immunosuppression therapy and is doing quite well. The doctor's say that there is a 70% chance of cure. He's only 5 years old. He's being very brave of course as are his loving parents and his sister Katie who herself is only 7. You can check out his progress on his webpage. Aplastic anemia is a problem with bone marrow and its ability to produce blood cells. © Microsoft Corporation. ......

First, there was the rumour that BillG was going to start blogging. And now this has happened. I'm not sure why some folks are convinced that blogging is important. It's not. It's a Yo-Yo or a Hoola-Hoop or a virtual Pet Rock. Sure, everybody will be doing it; and then, quietly, thankfully, it will fade into the background. Are blogs useful? No question. Some are vastly entertaining and humourous and some are very educational but others are just an on-line stroke-fest of self-importance. I won't ......

Cause I didn't cheat and look what happened:


What Famous Leader Are You?
personality tests by

As of July 11, 2004, there have been seven hundred and forty-six US Military fatalities since the May 1st victory speech. That is more than FIVE TIMES the number of casualties experienced during the actual war. Thirty-one of these have happened since the official turn over of sovereignty to Iraq. Is it just me, or is something wrong with that? Go here for the details of the numbers. DaveJust because I can...(I know, I said I wasn't gonna anymore but...) ......

The beginning of the end for blogging.  When the richest man in the world might start doing it, it's no longer cool. 

This will be my final post.


Victor, you were right.

Just because I can...(or at least could)


It's things like this post here that made me think about blogging as described in the first sentence here.

Not that there's anything wrong with that of course.

Just because I can...


There have been a lot of folks lately suggesting that we should all just abandon IE and move to because, unlike IE, they are secure. I'm going to stay with IE thank you very much. I prefer to use something that I know may be vulnerable over the false sense of security offered by the others as it forces me to take other precautions to protect myself. Precautions we should be taking anyways. “But the others are safe.” you say. “Not so.” says I. You'll notice that the most widely ......

It works.

Just because I can...

Despite the fact that I told DataGrid Girl “Absolutely, under no circumstances, invite me to the evil that is GMail” she went and did it anyways. And now, I'm stuck with an invite to the evil that is GMail. But you know what? I'm not going to give it away. the evil that is GMail must be stopped! DaveJust because I can...(PS I can be bought - BUWAHAHAHA) ......