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Keith Pleas posts that has no entry for “Marketing Slime” but it does provide a helpful suggestion:

Did you mean marketing slime?

Where he to search on the proper term, Marketroid, he would have found what he was looking for.


/mar'k*-troyd/ (Or "marketing slime", "marketeer", "marketing droid", "marketdroid") A member of a company's marketing department, especially one who promises users that the next version of a product will have features that are not actually scheduled for inclusion, are extremely difficult to implement, and/or are in violation of the laws of physics; and/or one who describes existing features (and misfeatures) in ebullient, buzzword-laden adspeak. Derogatory.

Keith, stick to System.Object, let us worry about how to get people to buy it.

Just because I can... ( Chair - INETA Marketing Committee )


posted on Saturday, December 18, 2004 10:42 AM