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It is currently minus 30 degrees Celcius with the wind-chill factor ( ~22F ) here in Kitchener.  We often refer to this weather as “Brass Monkey” weather. 

Trivia time.  Who can fill in the blank and, more importantly, tell me the origin of the following phrase?

“It's cold enough to freeze the _____ off a brass monkey.”

There might even be a prize for the first person with the right answer.

Just because I can...(clank...clank...)


posted on Monday, December 20, 2004 1:08 AM


# re: Winter's Here 12/20/2004 1:31 AM Eddie Garmon

# re: Winter's Here 12/20/2004 7:41 AM Jay Glynn

I grew up in St. Paul MN, I have heard just about every cold weather comparison there is ;-)

# re: Winter's Here 12/20/2004 11:38 AM Scott Allen
I went searching for the origin of phrase a couple years ago!

I'm a big M*A*S*H fan because my dad watched the show religiously when I was growing up. In one episode Col. Blake used that expression, and I remember my dad laughing, but I never understood why (and didn't ask). Usually when I asked about something on the show that was 'off-color' he'd tell me that I'd understand it when I got older - but I never got this one.

A couple years ago I saw the episode again and decided to find out what all the brass monkey stuff was about. I discovered ships used a 'brass monkey' to hold cannon balls. If the weather was bitterly cold, the brass would shrink and the balls could fall off.

Col. Blake rules.

# re: Winter's Here 12/20/2004 12:17 PM David Totzke
Excellent Scott. I loved (and still love) M*A*S*H. Since you are the first one to not only answer the question but also tell us a nifty personal tale to boot, I declare you the winner!

What, exactly, you've won remains to be seen but I am sure that I can dig up something. And BTW, it was minus 36C this morning with the wind-chill factored in which is minus 32F for those of you still in the dark ages.



# re: Winter's Here 12/20/2004 1:46 PM Scott Allen
Hooray! I knew there had to be at least one trivia contest I could win during the year of 2004 and this was it! Whew!

Here in Maryland it is currently 20F, (4F with the wind chill). I thought this was pretty cold. You'd probably be wearing shorts and sun tan lotion here.

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