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There is a search going on over at Sys-Con for the Top 20 software people in the world.  I can accept and even whole-heartedly agree with the level of votes for certain individuals on the list, but others I find highly skewed and questionable to say the least.  How does a guy like Don Ferguson get 3,395 votes?  Recognition as architect of WebSphere and J2EE are questionable at best.  They certainly didn't make anyone's life easier.  WebSphere's greatest distinction comes from being arguably the worst performing app server in existance.  Compare that with the contributions of others on that list such as Hejlsberg (154), Booch (123), Stallman (359), Box (41), and Frankston (36).  I mean, few would argue that VisiCalc was THE original Killer App. for the PC.  No, it wasn't Lotus 1-2-3.

Explain to me what a guy like Klaus Knopper even gets on the list?  He made a Linux distro that runs from CD.  Big freakin' deal.  My cat has a Linux distro for crying out loud.  (ok, not really, but you get the point) The father of the World Wide Web only got 272 votes! 

Hejlsberg is the brains behind every evolutionary leap in programming.  Let's see, on his resume are such developments as Turbo Pascal, Delphi, Visual J++, Windows Foundation Classes, COM+, .NET Framework, and C#.  In addition, he is one of only 20 distinguished engineers at Microsoft.  How does a Linux distro compare to that?

Go there and VOTE NOW!

Just because I can...


posted on Thursday, December 23, 2004 1:07 PM


# re: Vote Now - Time is Almost Up! 12/27/2004 4:43 AM Sudhakar
What a stupid polling app created by Jdj ? You can click as many times as you want to vote..:-)

Now some one must have created a form posting app for Ferguson to post 100 votes per second huh..;-)

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