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I've seen some really bad SQL in my day.  Hell, I've even written some in my earlier days.  But I've NEVER seen anything like this.  Over on the Daily WTF there are plenty of examples of bad code.  Most of them just make you shake your head and say What the F**k?  I've never been moved to share them with others but this one just crys out for it.

The person submitting this particular WTF relates that they are not licenced to modify the source (it's in SQL) or the ASP code and asks for suggestions.  I would suggest that he's screwed.  I would further suggest that any company that claims to be “the global leader in providing supply chain execution and optimization solutions“ and inflicts this kind of garbage on people and doesn't provide reasonable support (see the article for the full details) has relinquished its right to keep you from fixing it.  I also feel they should be placed in a prison cell in the deep south with “Bubbah“ and let nature take its course, but that's for a Vigilante Kangaroo Court to decide.

You can view the source of the view here.  Brace yourself.  It's a real train wreck.

Just because I can...(WTF?!? I still can't believe my eyes)


posted on Friday, December 31, 2004 12:00 PM