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[Update note: I screwed up the resource centre link.  Should be good now.]

Rockford Lhotka pointed me to this place.  The Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Resource Centre.  What a fantastic idea.  Jay Roxe posted a letter on his blog that he sent to every MVP that signed The Petition.  Do yourself a favour; don't bother reading the comments.  It's just more of the same tired old rhetoric. 

edjez whoever the hell he is, is even hard at work on this issue in the p&p group. 

Billy Hollis loves it; Rockford Lhotka loves it; hell, even Richard Hale Shaw has been heard to speak highly of it.  How can it possibly be anything but technology goodness I ask you?

Now, if you want to sign a petition that will really do some good, you need to go to and sign as soon as possible.  Hurry!  Before it's too late!

Just because I can...

posted on Tuesday, April 5, 2005 7:44 PM


# re: VBRun - VB6 to VB.NET Resource Centre 4/6/2005 6:23 PM Ken Halter
Kevin Johnson's comment above proves, without a shadow of doubt, that people simply don't get the reasoning behind developers choosing Not to move to .Net

Loser eh? LOL. Takes one to know one eh Kevin?

I have plenty more to say about his type but rather keep those thoughts to myself.

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