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October 2005 Entries

Think you've got it bad? Having a little trouble getting a couple of different systems to talk to each other? Take heart. It could be a lot worse: Newsgroups: comp.terminalsSubject: Re: IBM 3270 specifications|> I am trying to get information about the IBM 3270|> terminal emulation. I would need some specifications|> about how 3270-terminals are addressed by the host.|> |> If anyone's got some info, please send me some |> pointers, as I could not find any info (FAQs, ...).Start ......

Man is this guy ever hyped up about the 360. Found this humourous review over on the Future Shop website. My favourite quote: “The games not out for this system are WAAAAAAAYYY better than the games not out for the PS3.“ I love my XBOX360, 9/19/2005 Reviewer: Gill B, Toronto This is the best system I've ever owned to date (and it's only pre-ordered!)! From the moment I first imagined imagining opening the box I knew it would blow away my pre-ordered PS3! The games not out for this system ......

Coming out of Microsoft Research is this framework that enables the analysis, optimization, and modification of code at compile-time. Click on the image to read more.