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James Bow has put together a site to aggregate content from bloggers in the Waterllo Wellington region of Ontario, Canada.  This region is also known as Canada's Technology Triangle.  It's where I started and continue to run Canada's Technology Triangle .NET User Group.  Man that's a mouthful.  Until now, there were just a few politically oriented bloggers over there. 

But now...


Well ok; A geek.  It's just me right now.  But surely, all of my many fans in the CTT will rush to list their blogs on the site.  I hope that the infrastructure can support the crushing load. ;)  (and don't call me Shirly)

Now if only my enormous fan-base wasn't just in my imagination...

Just because I can...


posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2006 7:59 AM


# re: Waterloo-Wellington Bloggers Association 2/14/2006 3:58 PM James Bow
Once again, welcome aboard. I too am a geek. Okay, maybe not a big technical geek, but I'm a science-fiction geek, and a web design geek, and a writing geek. Geekdom is fun.

And I would like to invite other proud blogging geeks from this area to join up and make sure the WWBA talks about more than just politics.

Looking forward to seeing you online!

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