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August 2010 Entries

On its face, enabling the account lockout policy seems like a good idea. Get the password wrong (n) times and you’re ok, get it wrong (n + 1) times and your account is locked out for a period of time; typically 30 minutes. Sometimes a call to the help desk is required to reset the password if the lockout duration has not been defined. Even if it is defined, most users are not likely aware of the policy and call anyways. Even if they are aware of it, how many users do you know that can afford to sit ......

You’ve heard good things about Visual Studio 2010 but you still need to answer the question “What’s in it for me?” You need to justify the cost the new software as well as the not insignificant cost of migration. The Entity Framework is a powerful tool for creating a conceptual model of your data store and abstract away the details of data access. Exposing these conceptual entities over the wire to client applications mean one of two things: ADO.NET Data Services (now called WCF Data Services) or ......