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It is a Preliminary guide for developer who is new and interested to work in sharepoint platform from the scratch. Here, I introduced overall idea on how to work in sharepoint platform with some inportant links for developers and aslo for sharepoint administrator.

This is my first post in sharepoint development. After getting lot of difficulties i started to work successfully at last with it. So i think my post would be helpfull to understand easily. I tried to summerize my experience in one article.

1) I found a series of video in six parts which is really really!!! good to start quickly for shareponit 2007 development.  Before that you have to know about Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 which is the only tool for customizing sharepoint site.

Go to to see the video.

2) It is important to know about the developemt environment before start to develop in sharepoint environment. You have to have atleast.  

  • Windows Server 2003 or 2008
  • MS Office Sharepoint 2007 (WSS or MOSS)
  • MS Office Sharepoint Designer 2007
  • VS.Net 2005 or 2008
  • VS.Net 2005 or 2008 Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services(WSS) 3.0

Since Sharepoint can run only Windows Server 2003/2008, user can use virtual environment for development considering recommended hardware requirements for sharepoint and also VS.Net 2005 or 2008 IDE. To determine hardware and software requirements read

Read the following article to Preparing the development environment .In this article one step is missing to install Sharepoint Desiner 2007. If you watch the video carefully you should already understand it. Anyway, the article is really good to setup environment except this issue.

Additionally, How to install Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 is present in the following link

3) Okay. After installing everything and watching video, you should able to customize sharepoint site. Anyway, There should be another problem left depending on your audience. If you want to enables users to find resources in the public areas of Web sites without having to provide authentication credentials then you need to configure site public (Anonymous access ) for the reader. Because by default, anonymous access is disabled by Office SharePoint Server 2007 when you create a new Web application. Here is Configure anonymous access (Office SharePoint Server)  complete procedure is written how to confugure form Microsoft TechCenter.

4) Our client also need to integrate existing site into their sharepoint site. if you need to integrate any website you read the following article in order to do that.  You can also use our own master page; just that you have to add some default Place Holders that are required for the SharePoint functionalities.  But In this article, They are dealing with a website with the same look and feel as a SharePoint site is uses built-it in default Place Holder.

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