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Web browser support is divided into two levels: level 1 and level 2. Although administrative tasks on SharePoint sites are optimized for level 1 browsers, Office SharePoint Server 2007 also provides support for other browsers that are commonly used.

Level 1 Web browsers

·       Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x (32-bit)

·       Windows Internet Explorer 7.x (32-bit)

Level 2 Web browsers

Level 2 Web browsers provide basic functionality, so that users can both read and write in SharePoint sites and perform site administration. However, because ActiveX controls are supported only in level 1 browsers and due to the functionality differences within different browsers, a different user experience might be provided and there could be some variances from the user experience from the level 1 browsers. Level 2 browsers are listed in the following table. Opera 9.25 and Google Chrome (beta) is not recommended by Microsoft. These could also be included on this due to access SharePoint site also from Opera 9.25 and Google Chrome (beta) with limited functionality. You can both read and write in Google Chrome but can’t write such as Edit page or any administrative task from Site Action.




Macintosh OSX

Firefox 1.5




Mozilla 1.7




Netscape Navigator 7.2




Netscape Navigator 8.1




Safari 2.0




Opera 9.25

X (Read Only)



Google Chrome (beta)





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Note: If a browser is not listed in either level 1 or level 2, it is not supported. For example, older browsers — such as Internet Explorer 5.01, Internet Explorer 5.5x, Internet Explorer for Macintosh, and versions of third-party Web browsers that are earlier than the ones listed as level 2 browsers — are not supported. Posted on Saturday, September 20, 2008 11:56 PM ASP.Net , Sharepoint 2007 , Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 | Back to top

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