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What the heck is Sun doing? Do they honestly think that their sales will increase with this new branding scheme? If there is one thing I've learned from complaining about history classes, it's that we should learn from the mistakes of our past. So...why is it that Sun seems oblivious to this? Ok, ok, so it's pretty obvious that Sun is trying to "refocus" itself to advertise Java as "tha shiznit" but do they really think this will work? Look at IBM with WebSphere and Microsoft with .NET. The latter was pretty short-lived, but each company attempted to market a product/technology by adding its name everywhere and neither succeeded. Instead, they received confusion from customers who questioned marketing tactics and product implications. As each of these software giants did, Sun is applying a "Sun Java System" moniker to things that have little-to-no relation to the language. And, let's not forget that Java is merely a language; it is J2xE that is the platform. In my opinion, Sun is desperate. While I do not see Java going away, Sun is losing ground on the server market. Like a sickly animal, Sun is on its last leg, whimpering for someone to ease its pain. Like all other companies, Sun has made mistakes. These mistakes are what has brought Sun to its knees. And, while I don't think it will be giving in anytime soon, one might start to wonder how free Java will be when Sun is losing money from every other ground. Then again, maybe they can sell their servers in hot pink - that seems to be a good revitalization strategy!

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