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Google recently acquired Kaltrix Corp, a recent startup developing personalized and context-sensitive search technologies. No big deal, right? I love Google, for one. I have been a faithful Googler for the past 5 or so years. I've even witnessed non-techies professing the "less filling-tastes great" technology. Makes you kind of wonder where they're going. I know when I first started using Google, I had to convince fellow developers why it was so useful - as a matter of fact, I needed convincing myself. I think it's amazing how its grown. Look at the companies that use Google's search technology: AOL, Yahoo!, Sprint, AT&T, Earthlink, and more. So, where are they going? Will Google be the next Microsoft? Granted, Google's focus is vastly scaled down and their most popular service is free. You have to question everyone, though. Just something to think about as you wake up this morning.

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